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Catholics dating – How to Find the Right Guy

June 24th, 2013
Being in relationships that end because you realized he is not the one you are looking for can be exhausting. Instead of waiting, you can look for the right guy with these strategies: Get a Life Living a life that defines who you are as a person is a really attractive feature. You can find the right guy easier if you are living a fulfilling life. You must do what you love to do and be independent. Realize your dreams and interests and use these to achieve your goals. You also have to be... Read more...
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Catholics dating – Things You Need for a Secure Relationship

June 10th, 2013
It is typical to feel wonderful and secure during the initial stages of your relationship. Everything just feels right as your partner showers you a lot of attention. However, there comes a point when you start feeling upset and bored or worst, taken for granted. Having a secure relationship means being comfortable and content in each other’s presence. At some point, you will stop being worrying about how to act in front of your partner. Good impressions are no longer your concern. Your... Read more...
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Catholics dating – Stuck on Relationship Problems

June 3rd, 2013
All relationships have to face different issues. If you are currently experiencing relationship problems, it does not mean that your relationship is bad. Even good relationships have to undergo challenges to become stronger and better. Even so, there may be times when these problems become overwhelming and you cannot find a way out. If this happens, keep in mind that ending the relationship is not always the best thing to do. Similarly, looking for a new relationship as a rebound is a bad... Read more...
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