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Catholics dating – Is Love at First Sight Probable?

July 24th, 2013
When it comes to dating and relationships, the concept of love at first sight is not something new. Opinions about this vary greatly. Is love at first sight possible? The answer can be a yes or a no. It really depends upon the person. Nevertheless, there are many couples who claim they fell in love at first sight. In fact, some individuals get married only a few weeks or months after their first date. This is risky but it does happen. If you are thinking about wanting to experience a love at... Read more...
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Catholics dating – Fear of Intimacy

July 15th, 2013
The fear of intimacy is characterized by the uncomfortable feeling of getting close or being in a relationship with someone. People who suffer from this kind of fear tend to hold back whenever they feel that the relationship is becoming more intimate. Fear of intimacy can be traced by certain factors. These factors include the feeling of anxiety related to abandonment or rejection in the past. This is quite challenging when trying to make a relationship work. To deal with this fear, you need... Read more...
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Catholics dating – Dating Advice for Starters

July 8th, 2013
Feeling anxious on your upcoming first date? Do not pamper that nervousness or it may have the power to ruin everything. It is alright to be worried or uneasy, yet, learn how to handle these feeling and focus on the ways on how to make your first date work. Most people who are beginners in the dating game can become too obsessed with making the first impression right. There is nothing wrong with this idea. However, being too nervy will not help you enjoy the experience. This is actually the... Read more...
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