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Would like to meet someone who DOES NOT SMOKE

March 21st, 2016
Would like to meet someone that is Positive, Christian, DOES NOT SMOKE, social drink ok. “Live today, not yesterday, not tomorrow, just Today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to Tomorrow” “The measure of love is love without measure” “One word frees us of all the weight and paint of life, that word is Love”Looking to meet someone to share good times with and enjoy each others company .Honesty and being Geuine are important factor that i look... Read more...
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Bad Break Up – Hurts – But Can Be Positive

February 15th, 2016
The first thing you will want to do after a bad break up is to let yourself feel the hurt. Don’t bottle it up or push it down and pretend everything is ok. We all know everything is not ok and it is not healthy to pretend you are not hurting. If you ignore it, it will not go away and someday will come back to bite you in the butt. Now, I don’t mean you have to go off the deep-end either. Never threaten your ex. Nothing good will ever come of threatening someone. There are healthy... Read more...
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Enjoying being single but I am looking for my soulmate

January 7th, 2016
I’m a single lady, I am honest, intelligent, loyal,affectionate, easy going,romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. I’m romantic, caring, and much more! I’m “crazy” about all pets. especially dogs. I love nature and I like to travel. I love the outdoors etc.. I am new to this whole thing! I am looking for an intelligent, kind, faithful, reliable, caring and well educated man with good manners and with a kind heart and generous soul. I want him to be my biggest and true... Read more...
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Catholics dating – Dealing with Unrequited Love

November 23rd, 2015
The most crucial part of dealing with unrequited love is acceptance. Unrequited love happens when the person you’ve fallen for does not return the interest and attention you have given, yet, it does not mean that you are not worth it. Accepting that the person does not like you hurts, however acceptance is the first step needed to turn you to a much better individual. Some people who find it difficult to accept the reality may try to win the affection of the other person. Unfortunately,... Read more...
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Catholics dating – How to Deal With Rejection

August 14th, 2015
Rejection can happen to anybody. Regardless of the significance of the situation, it will still hurt. This is a big challenge to overcome especially when you experience it for the first time. For instance, you know your first date ended well and you are expecting your date to call, but it did not happen. This may cause insecurity, depression and enormous self-doubt if you do not know how to handle the rejection. Rejection can cause a lot of pain. To be able to handle the blow, one must know... Read more...
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Happy, 45 looking for a guy that is happy in himself and good fun

June 26th, 2015
...
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Gini, 41, happy, fun loving and optimistic lady

June 19th, 2015
...
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Gee, 35, ambitious, energetic and motivated

June 12th, 2015
...
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Catholics dating – From Friends to Lovers

April 15th, 2015
Once you realize that you’re falling for a friend, you will find it hard to escape the consequences. This situation can become awkward for both you and the person involved. Your social circle may notice the changes sooner or later too. To avoid unnecessary damage, you must try to do something about it right away. A calculated and step by step plan will save you from imminent problems. There is nothing wrong with falling for a friend as long as your feelings are genuine. There are a few... Read more...
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Alfred, 28, looking for someone who likes the idea of a glass of wine and a book in the summer

February 11th, 2015
...
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