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Catholics dating – Dealing with Unrequited Love

The most crucial part of dealing with unrequited love is acceptance. Unrequited love happens when the person you’ve fallen for does not return the interest and attention you have given, yet, it does not mean that you are not worth it. Accepting that the person does not like you hurts, however acceptance is the first step needed to turn you to a much better individual.
Some people who find it difficult to accept the reality may try to win the affection of the other person. Unfortunately, this is not a very smart decision. It is often best to focus your attention to his or her flaws and realize the reasons why you have to move on. You have to find someone who will appreciate you. It might help to talk to a friend and take a closer look at everything to create a different picture. As you decide to move on, it is best to cut off all communication lines. You need distance and space. Get busy, become independent and whenever you are ready, look for someone who can reciprocate the love and attention you deserve.

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