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Catholics dating – Fear of Intimacy

The fear of intimacy is characterized by the uncomfortable feeling of getting close or being in a relationship with someone. People who suffer from this kind of fear tend to hold back whenever they feel that the relationship is becoming more intimate.
Fear of intimacy can be traced by certain factors. These factors include the feeling of anxiety related to abandonment or rejection in the past. This is quite challenging when trying to make a relationship work. To deal with this fear, you need to accept the true risks and nature of romantic relationships. Establishing a connection with someone means having to deal with uncertainty. Being in a relationship is like a gamble, yet, it is an important aspect for human survival and existence.
A significant point to combat the fear of intimacy is to boost your self-confidence and realize your worth as a person. Through this, you can handle rejections, doubts and your fears dead-on. You can also use the appropriate coping techniques when facing relationship issues. For those who find it difficult to manage their fear of anxiety, professional guidance may be helpful.

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