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Catholics dating – From Friends to Lovers

Once you realize that you’re falling for a friend, you will find it hard to escape the consequences. This situation can become awkward for both you and the person involved. Your social circle may notice the changes sooner or later too. To avoid unnecessary damage, you must try to do something about it right away. A calculated and step by step plan will save you from imminent problems.
There is nothing wrong with falling for a friend as long as your feelings are genuine. There are a few significant points to consider before going deeper into a relationship. As an initial step, assess your feelings. Are you ready to handle the risks of falling in love with a friend? Romantic love and friendship love are entirely different from each other. You also have to determine if the person is truly who you want to be with. In addition, take note that a person’s personality may change depending on who they are with. The person may be bubbly and fun to be with while you are still friends, yet, he may become serious and stubborn as a partner. Going through the transition of being friends to lovers may have ugly consequences and it is often difficult to go back to being just friends.

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