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Catholics dating – How to Deal With Rejection

Rejection can happen to anybody. Regardless of the significance of the situation, it will still hurt. This is a big challenge to overcome especially when you experience it for the first time. For instance, you know your first date ended well and you are expecting your date to call, but it did not happen. This may cause insecurity, depression and enormous self-doubt if you do not know how to handle the rejection.
Rejection can cause a lot of pain. To be able to handle the blow, one must know how to deal with it step by step. The first thing to focus on is acceptance. It is also helpful to acknowledge the feeling that rejection hurts and the pain is real. Things become easier when you learn how to express your emotions positively. For instance, you can let your anger out through writing, sharing your thoughts with a friend or a counsellor, exercising, doing your favourite outdoor sports or by releasing your emotions through crying. It is natural to ask yourself why this has to happen but you have to keep in mind that rejection is not a reason to judge or hate yourself.

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