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Catholics dating – How to Find the Right Guy

Being in relationships that end because you realized he is not the one you are looking for can be exhausting. Instead of waiting, you can look for the right guy with these strategies:
Get a Life
Living a life that defines who you are as a person is a really attractive feature. You can find the right guy easier if you are living a fulfilling life. You must do what you love to do and be independent. Realize your dreams and interests and use these to achieve your goals. You also have to be confident with yourself. A well-developed self-esteem normally attracts an independent man. This is the first step to getting the right guy, attract him by expressing your interests in the right way. Additionally, living a happy life means forgetting the past and moving on.
Avoid the Dating Mistakes
Looking for Mr. Right involves learning how to play the dating game. Decide on the qualities a guy should have before dating someone. Even so, do not limit yourself to physical characteristics but focus more on the personality of the person. Show your date that what you are looking for is a serious relationship.
Assess for Compatibility
If you already have an eye for a guy, you have to make sure that you are compatible. You can tell by asking him about his goals in life. It is also important to talk about his future plans and about achieving these goals. If his answers fit yours, you will know that you can save yourself from long-term disappointments.

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