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Catholics dating – Things You Need for a Secure Relationship

It is typical to feel wonderful and secure during the initial stages of your relationship. Everything just feels right as your partner showers you a lot of attention. However, there comes a point when you start feeling upset and bored or worst, taken for granted.
Having a secure relationship means being comfortable and content in each other’s presence. At some point, you will stop being worrying about how to act in front of your partner. Good impressions are no longer your concern. Your actions are not geared to capture the person’s interest by being on your best form all the time. Yet, as you get to know each other better, you also discover your partner’s flaws. This is the time when you decide whether it would be worth continuing the relationship. A secure relationship needs some key factors for it to last. Two individuals should work together to maintain the reasons that make the relationship happy and worthwhile. This includes intimacy, honesty, respect and fidelity.

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