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Making a Romantic Pursuit

Men and women have different approaches and reactions when it comes to dating. In a Catholic’s perspective, men should be the one to pursue the woman. In this case, a question should be answered: who should make the first move? Remember the role that God gave for men? Their role is to pursue the woman they love. For women, they should be aware that you are worth the effort and sacrifice that a man is willing to do to win your heart. You will know that he is worthy when he is willing to accept the challenges and go the extra mile for you.

Romantic pursuit means the approach done by a man to win a woman’s heart. It is not about who should call or text first. On the other hand, a woman should not be too easy. You need to stop initiating the first moves. Let the man do his task. A lady is the one being pursued so one should respond appropriately. Learn how to balance all aspects of dating. Often, a man can show that he is serious when he is willing to go to distance.

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