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Making Effort in Establishing Relationships

Dating and relationships require a lot of effort. You need to sacrifice and make an effort for it to work. This is easy during the early stages of dating. However, as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to the point where many lose the motivation to go the extra mile for their date or partner.

For instance, dating someone who lives far away from you can be exhausting especially when you have to travel for several hours just to see the person. When this happens, you need to sacrifice precious hours of sleep. There is really nothing wrong with this. However, remember that you do not have to make all the effort. You and your date or partner need to balance it out. This is to ensure that no one feels bad as efforts and sacrifices are being reciprocated. This attention can make you both feel special and loved. Just remember that whenever you feel like the other person is taking advantage, think again. Making an effort means you should feel that your date is always worth it because you have genuine feelings for each other and God wants you to be in that situation.

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