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Managing Rejection

When on a dating venture, everyone can experience rejection. Due to this, you need to realize that you should not be afraid to experience rejection. Being rejected hurts a lot but it will not kill you. Instead, you should use those experiences to make you stronger. Always remember that God never closes doors or opportunities for you completely. Rejection does not mean that it is all over and you are not going to succeed in the future.

For men, one should know how to understand the signs that the woman is not into you. Often, when a woman turns down an invitation without suggesting another, you can presume that she is not interested. In this case, asking her again for another date is worthless. Let go and move on. It only means that God has another person in store for you. For women, if you cannot return the feelings of a man, you should see to it that you make things clear between the two of you. This is to avoid sending the wrong messages and also to give yourself a chance to move on.

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