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Recognizing When You Are Going Too Far

In a Catholic’s perspective, it is important to take things slowly especially when searching for the right person and establishing relationships. If not, your relationship is bound to fail. Due to this, you need to recognize the signs that you are moving too fast. This refers to physical affection.

True love will not blossom or develop properly if you are too eager especially when it is not yet the right time. Physical affection should happen the right way and for the right reasons. As a true Catholic, you should be aware that sexual relationships between couples are reserved until after marriage and after making a vow before God within the context of the sacrament of matrimony. Sexual acts are only appropriate after getting married. So what can you do if you cannot engage in sexual activities? You can focus on the true meaning of loving someone. If you truly love the person, you should never do something that can bring harm. In other words, do not do something that can lead you and your date or partner to sin.

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