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Relationship and Sexuality

There are a lot of different opinions about being in a relationship and engaging in sexual activities. From a Catholic’s perspective, sexual intercourse should be done within marriage. It is a way to strength your marriage bond and it speaks the language of love. Many people view sex as a God given gift and that is why it should only be done after marriage.

Due to this, you need to think long and hard before getting married. If you are afraid about something, do not use your relationship as a test drive, or else you will have a serious problem with commitment. You should make it clear that commitment should be present before having a sexual relationship with your partner. Do not let your sexual desires cloud your judgment. Always think about making the right decisions based on the church teachings and praying about what God wants you to do. Remember that a relationship as a whole will only become successful if you l follow God’s plan for you. Sex should be a gift that you are able to give to your husband or wife.

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