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The Struggle to Stay Pure

Every Catholic couples who are unmarried may struggle not to fall into sexual activities with their partner. To make things work, your actions and beliefs should go together. As a true Catholic, you should learn how to show your love and affection to your special someone without getting into the sexual aspect. If not, then your love may only mean a strong or passionate desire that involves lust.

Before marriage, your heart should only contain genuine feelings for your special someone without sensuality or any thoughts about lust. Put God first and by doing this, you will only think about good things for your partner. It is indeed a struggle to stay pure. However, this is what God wants you to do. Being in a relationship should also make you a better follower of Christ. True love is a sacrifice for the good of others and for you. On the other hand, feelings that contain lust are selfish which drives you to satisfy your pleasures even when you know you are going against the rule of God. Always strive to protect your purity and God will do the rest.

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